Real Estate Investing Course

Uncovering Top 3 Questions Every Beginner Investor Should Know Before Starting
Uncover The Top 3 Questions While Exposing 10 SECRETS To Creating A Real Estate Investing Business Every Beginner Should Know
How Do Investor's Find Profitable Deals?
There is one well kept secret in the investing world that for some reason no one really talks about.  The truth behind finding deals that are profitable and consistent is easier than you think and we are going to break it down together
How Do Investor's Really Get Consistent Leads?
Are you wanting to know the best kept secrets on how investor's really keep their phones ringing? There is an easy and virtually free way all successful investor's receive consistent and reliable leads that you will learn in this webinar
Can I Truly Invest With NO Money?
We have all heard the catchy sales hook of "Invest With No Money"  well, it is time we learn the truth behind this tactic. I'll give you simple strategies to use the "no money" method to build a million dollar business
Keynote Speaker:
Breeya Johnson
Hey There! I am Breeya a mid-west girl, now Texan, passionate about creating, real estate and educating. I am obsessed with interior design, Mexican food and yoga pants. I have been impacting others since 1994.
I created a million dollar rental portfolio by using these secrets I am going to teach today.

I have invested thousands of dollars into my own education. I have taken on mentors, online courses, in-person lectures, masterminds, books, coaching, you name it and I have done it. So, I can confidently say I have been around the block a few times. I know what it is like starting out with no money, bad credit and let's be honest little connections. Does that sound familiar? Well, that was me at 21 wanting to invest in the world's most powerful wealth builder... Real Estate.

Some times I think back to when I first started and all of those growing pains and painful lessons I had to learn by myself... and I wonder what if someone held my hand and gave me the secrets on how to TRULY develop a million dollar real estate investing business... well, that sure didn't happen for me but it can happen for you
If You Want To Invest In Real Estate, These Secrets Are Going To Save Time Change Your Life
I can not wait to share with you the 10 secrets that changed my life, my business, my family and let's be REAL... Generations to come! Real Estate is a powerful wealth building tool and I am going to unlock these secrets for you so, you too can build generational wealth in your family!

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